Fingerprints and Eyeballs stolen in the name of free SIM in Dinajpur, villagers panic

Fingerprints and Eyeballs stolen in the name of free SIM in Dinajpur, villagers panic My news Bangaladesh

A gang stole the fingerprints and eyeballs of over a hundred villagers in Dinajpur a year ago by promising to give free mobile SIMs. Along with that, they kept several sims to themselves. A case was filed against the villagers for committing various crimes using these SIMs. There is currently panic among the villagers.

In Bara Shyamnagar village of Chirirbandar upazila of Dinajpur in August last year, three youths took the fingerprints and eyeballs of hundreds of men and women several times by tricking them to give them free Robi SIM cards. They leave several sims.

The villagers complained that the three youths did not give them the SIM after promising to give them free Robi SIM after taking their fingerprints and photographs of the eye mani several times.

After about five months in January this year, seven residents of Shyamnagar village received a legal notice. It is said that a case has been filed in Shariatpur on the charge of fraud by using mobile SIM in their name.

A victim told Independent Television that a notice came from the police station and informed that Bikash accounts had been fraudulently opened on these SIMs.Another victim says that the CID officer came to him and informed that a case of Rs 1 lakh has been registered in his name.

Chirirbandar Upazila Distributor Md said that mobile company Robi has no information about this. Ibrahim, Manager.The local public representative demanded speedy trial of the real criminals. In this incident, the victims have done GD. Police are working to identify the fraudsters.

Dinajpur Chiribandar police station OC Bajlur Rashid said, ‘We have arranged a counseling session with the villagers so that no one gets cheated later. We are making every effort to trace the fraudsters based on the GDs of the victims who have made them.’The Criminal Investigation Department of the police is investigating the case in Shariatpur.

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