Four people including the bride and mother-in-law were shot at the wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

A groom shot dead four people including the bride and mother-in-law during a recent wedding ceremony in Wang Nam Khiao district of Thailand. This information was reported by the British media BBC in a report. However, another source said that the groom himself committed suicide after this incident.

According to the report, the groom Charang Suksuk (29) was drunk on the day of the wedding. But it is still not clear why he did this.Charang is an ex-serviceman and para-athlete. He lost one of his legs after being hit by a train. But being an army man, he had no problem getting a gun license. Police said he bought the gun and ammunition last year.

According to reports, Charang suddenly left the wedding ceremony and returned with a gun. At that time, the bride shot Kanchana Pachunthiek (44), her 62-year-old mother-in-law and 38-year-old sister-in-law. He also shot two guests. One of them died in hospital

wedding ceremony

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