Garment workers block Mirpur’s road again

Garment workers block Mirpur's road again

Garment workers block Mirpur’s road again.Garment workers protested again by blocking the road in Mirpur of the capital. They started the protest by blocking the main road of Mirpur-13 around 8 am on Sunday. Then they came to Mirpur-10 and took a position.

As a result of the garment workers’ blockade, there was a traffic jam on the main road and surrounding roads. The workers who took part in the protest mostly work in 10 garments around Mirpur.

The protesting workers said that they are not satisfied with the announcement of increasing the minimum wage. When he went to work at the factory on Sunday, he saw that everyone’s salary did not increase at the same rate. The government announced a 56 percent increase in salary, but it was not implemented. However, the salary of experienced workers has increased by 20-30 percent. This is why they are protesting again.
Kafrul Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Farukul Alam told the media that the garment factory workers blocked the road in Mirpur-13 area around 8:30 am, but later they moved to Mirpur-10 area.

Garment workers block Mirpur’s road again

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