Gaza will stay Palestinian: US

Gaza will stay Palestinian: US

Gaza will stay Palestinian.According to the statement released by the State Department, “We have always been clear and unequivocal that Gaza is located on Palestinian land and will continue to be located on Palestinian land.”It is not possible for any terrorist organization to pose a danger to Israel in the future since Hamas will no longer be able to govern this land.The Israelis and the Palestinians will be living side by side, and this is exactly what we desire for the benefit of the whole world.

The words that were made by two Israeli ministers at an earlier time were denounced by the United States of America. These ministers called for Palestinians to leave Gaza and go to other countries, as well as to construct additional Israeli colonies in the Valley.The words were challenged by Matthew Miller, a spokesperson for the United States Department of State, on Tuesday.

Recent statements made by the two Israeli ministers indicate that they believe the Palestinians should be encouraged to relocate from Gaza to other nations across the world.In addition to this, they are of the opinion that Jewish settlers in Gaza need to be relocated.

Since the Palestinian armed organization Hamas started an offensive across the Israeli border on October 7, Israel has conducted indiscriminate air and ground operations on the Gaza Strip. These attacks have been carried out by Israel.

There have been at least 22,185 Palestinians dead and 57,35 Palestinians wounded as a result of Israeli assaults so far, according to the officials in charge of health in Gaza.There has been damage or destruction to sixty percent of Gaza’s infrastructure as a result of Israeli occupation.As a result of severe shortages of food, potable water, and medication, about two million inhabitants have been forced to relocate.

Gaza will stay Palestinian

Gaza will stay Palestinian Gaza will stay Palestinian

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