Global Leaders Echo Follow Bangladesh & Sheikh Hasina

Global Leaders Echo Follow Bangladesh & Sheikh Hasina

Seeing the unprecedented development of Bangladesh, now the world’s big leaders are saying, ‘Follow Bangladesh, follow Sheikh Hasina’—this is what the former railway minister Mujibul Haque MP has commented. He made this comment at the college teachers’ assembly at Chauddagram Upazila Auditorium on Saturday (September 23) at noon.

Highlighting the contribution of the Sheikh Hasina government in the education sector, Mujibul Haque MP said that the present government is working to improve the quality of education. The government is giving free books to students at the beginning of the year.

Apart from this, new buildings have been constructed in schools, colleges, technical schools, and madrasas. The number of public and private colleges and universities in the country has been increased to a large extent to bring the benefits of higher education to the doorsteps of the people. The progress of the country with the current education system under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina proves that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s government is an education-friendly government.

He said at this time that the development of Bangladesh under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina is the wonder of the world today. Global Leaders Echo Follow Bangladesh & Sheikh Hasina. Boat brands should be voted on to continue this trend.

Claiming that extensive development activities have also taken place in Chauddagram, he said, ‘There is no educational institution in Chauddagram where no new buildings have been built and no roads have been paved.’

Urging to be united in favour of development without being confused by any conspiracy, he said that BNP-Jamaat does not want the people of Bangladesh to live well. They do not tolerate the development and progress of this country. That is why they are forming various conspiracies ahead of the next election. So and so, Lord, Tamuk goes to the Lord and offers dharna. But no matter how much you scheme, it will be of no avail. All will be united for development and progress.

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