Google is developing an AI that can write news stories

According to The New York Times and multiple other reports, Google is developing an AI tool under the working title ‘Genesis’ that aims to generate news stories when supplied with event details. According to Google, the technology is intended to serve as a ‘personal assistant’ to journalists, assisting in content creation.

Google has reportedly already presented the tool to news organisations like the Washington Post, News Corp, and The New York Times.

In recent times, the use of AI for news reporting has raised concerns about misinformation spread. Existing AI systems like Bard and ChatGPT have demonstrated considerable limitations in fact-checking and have been increasingly prone to presenting incorrect information confidently.

The development of Genesis presents a potential shift in news reporting, offering a means to streamline content generation. However, some worry that it might be seen as a replacement for human journalists, potentially impacting job security in the industry.

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