Government Officer Slain by Clerk in Defense of Girlfriend

Government Officer Slain by Clerk in Defense of Girlfriend My News Bangladesh

Government Officer Slain by Clerk in Defense of Girlfriend. Anish Confesses to Murdering Mahesh Over Unpaid Debt and HarassmentAccording to the police, Anish has admitted to his involvement in the crime, providing a detailed account of the incident.

Anish revealed that Mahesh, a senior staff member at the Survey of India Defense Officer Complex, had borrowed nine lakh rupees from him but had failed to repay the debt. Moreover, Mahesh had been harassing Anish’s girlfriend.

On August 28, Anish took a leave from work and began preparing to carry out his plan to kill Mahesh. He visited various locations, including Lajpat Nagar and South Extension Market, to purchase the necessary materials for the murder, including a six-foot-long polythene bag.

Anish then lured Mahesh to his official residence in RK Puram Sector 2, where he delivered a fatal blow to Mahesh’s head using a pipe around noon.

After committing the murder, Anish fled to his own home. The following day, he returned to the crime scene and dug a hole approximately one and a half feet deep to bury Mahesh’s body. He later used cement to conceal the grave.

When Mahesh’s brother was unable to contact him, he filed a missing person report with the police. The authorities subsequently discovered Mahesh’s body on September 2 during their investigation.

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