Groom dies due to electrocution at wedding house

Groom dies due to electrocution at wedding house My News Bangladesh

The wedding house was colorfully decorated for the only son’s wedding. There was a bright light. The house was prepared. A frayed electric wire from the lighting was stuck to the balcony grill of the house. After all the formalities, the groom touches the grill before entering the residence with the bride.

The relatives rescued him and took him to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital where the doctor on duty declared him dead.The incident took place in Kharijagati Mollapara village of Rajshahi’s Godagari upazila on Thursday night. Shakil Hossain (21), who died due to electrocution, is the son of Abdus Salam of that area. Shakeel was a rice trader. He got married with Asma Khatun of Bidirpur village of the same upazila yesterday afternoon. Step into the in-laws’ house

According to local sources, Shakeel’s body was buried in the graveyard next to the house on Friday morning. The house still had light fixtures.

The living room was also decorated. Today, the pandal that was arranged in front of the house for the wedding house ceremony, Relatives were sitting under it. The shadow of grief in everyone’s eyes and faces. Asma Khatun was sitting in a room with her relatives who stayed at her house. Shakil’s mother Jannatul Mawa was just crying. Relatives were comforting him.

Yesterday afternoon, the wedding house ceremony was completed at the bride’s house. Then in the afternoon the groom brings the bride. After evening, the groom himself lights the lamps of illumination in the house. Later, while leaving the house around eight o’clock in the night, Shakeel’s hand got stuck on the grill of the balcony. He was electrified by this. The grill of the balcony of the house was electrified in part when the electric cable of the lighting was torn. Seeing Shakeel electrocuted, his uncle pushed him away. He was then taken to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. There the doctor declared him dead.

Shakil’s mother Jannatul Mawa said, ‘I have only one son. How much he likes his wedding day. my son Son’s wife will stay at home. How happy I will be. I had nothing left. How can I comfort the little girl now? What will happen to this girl now?

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