Hand over the poachers: DMP Commissioner

Hand over the poachers DMP Commissioner My News Bangladesh

Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman said that those who are not normal, are blocking unusual routes, carrying out sneak attacks. Give information about those who are harming people’s lives and property.

He said that the ongoing blockade program is against the constitution and the people. It is against the prevailing laws of the land to obstruct public traffic. Those who are involved in the blockade in the name of political program will be arrested and brought under the law.

He said this in response to the questions asked by the journalists after a courtesy meeting with the executive committee of Bangladesh Crime Reporters Association (CRAB) on Wednesday afternoon.
During this time, there was a discussion with the leaders of CRAB regarding the traffic congestion and battery-powered rickshaws in Dhaka city.

The commissioner informed about the launch of two numbers ‘Message to Commissioner’ on an experimental basis. He said that city dwellers can send messages and report their problems on WhatsApp to these two numbers: 01320202020 and 01320101010.

CRAB President Mirza Mehdi Tamal thanked the Commissioner for maintaining cordial relations with CRAB. And General Secretary Mamunur Rashid thanked the commissioner for looking into the injured journalists on October 28.

DMP Commissioner Habibur Rahman said that the attack on the police, the way it was killed, no matter how strong the people involved are, they will be arrested and brought under the law. No matter where they run, no matter how they hide, they will not be spared. The police will arrest them. For this, the police is collecting and analyzing CCTV footage, video footage. We have already arrested many. They are being interrogated. Based on the information provided by them, more accused will be arrested.

In response to a question, the DMP Commissioner said that the police have shown maximum patience. People across the country saw the events of that day through the media. It was they who provoked one after another, not the police. The police eventually tried to disarm them.

The police have also spoken to the senior leaders of the party, saying that if those who created the disturbance are not dealt with, the program of your mass meeting will be hampered. Despite repeated requests, they did nothing. Later on, they attacked, vandalized, arson, attacked the police, killed the policemen, and caused chaos; This proves that they had a hand in what happened, that the events took place under their direction.

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