Hasina labels the BNP a terrorist party

Hasina labels the BNP a terrorist party My News bangladesh

BNP has been branded a “BNP terrorist party” by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today.”BNP is a party that kills people and is a terrorist organization. They attempt to overthrow us via movement every day and want us to quit. It’s okay. Let them keep moving, she said during a gathering in the Tejgaon neighborhood of the city at Sarak Bhabhan.

Since the BNP is not represented in parliament, the premier stated that she would prefer not to refer to them as an opposition terrorist party.”In a democratic system the opposition party is the one which has seats in parliament,” she stated.

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The premier was speaking at an event held to commemorate the simultaneous opening of 14 overpasses built by the Roads and Highways Department and 150 newly built bridges in 39 districts.

She stated that while the government has nothing against the BNP movement, it will take strong action to protect citizens from any potential arson violence.

“If they wage movement, I have no objections. However, they cannot be permitted to hurt the populace in any way. I believe that you all need to be somewhat watchful in this area,” she remarked.

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