Heavy Rains Wash Away 6,641 Pond Fish, Causing 43 Crores in Damage

Heavy Rains Wash Away 6,641 Pond Fish, Causing 43 Crores in Damage My News Bangladesh

6641 ponds and fisheries worth about Tk 37 crore have been washed away due to continuous heavy rains of last two days in Kishoreganj. 3,500 fish farmers of the district have suffered severe losses. Fishermen said that among the washed away fish there are different species of fish such as Shing, Pabda, Rui, Pangas.

Kishoreganj District Fisheries Officer Mohammad Shahidul Islam confirmed this information on Friday (October 6) at 9:30 pm.

Heavy Rains For According to the sources of District Fisheries Office, 6,641 ponds and fisheries of 3,500 fish farmers have sunk in the district. About 18,500 metric tons of fish have been washed away. Its market value is 37 crore 6 lakh 35 thousand taka. In addition, there has been damage to the infrastructure of ponds and fisheries to the tune of 6 crore rupees. It is estimated that the damage to infrastructure and fish is around Tk 43 crore. Out of this, Katiyadi Upazila and Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila of the district have suffered the most damage. Among them, 1 thousand 925 ponds were washed away in Katiyadi upazila.

A fisherman named Saki said that two of my fishing boats have sunk in one night’s rain. The water is going over the bank. Each fishery had fish worth about three to four lakh rupees.

A farmer named Amin Sadi said, “I had a fishery of 25 percent and all the fish went down the bank of the fishery during the night rain.” I have lost about 50 thousand rupees. Our former chairman Mansoor Ali Bhai had a big fisery of 36 pieces of land, including it all went down. Also all fisheries in the area have sunk. Marginal fish farmers like us have suffered the most. If the government gives us incentives then maybe we can stand up a bit.

Chairman of Mohinanda Union Parishad Liaquat Ali said, several of my fisheries have sunk. I have suffered a loss of around 50 lakh rupees. Like me, everyone in the area has drowned. More or less everyone has suffered.

District Fisheries Officer Mohammad Shahidul Islam said that the list of affected farmers will be sent to the ministry. The farmers will be rehabilitated through the upazila committee.

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