Hezbollah Chief Spoke For The First Time About The Hamas-Israel War

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The BBC reported that he spoke for the first time since the conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces began on Friday evening (November 3) local time. It is not known from where the Hezbollah chief gave this statement. But in other cities, including the Lebanese capital Beirut, thousands of people gathered in the streets to watch the live broadcast of his speech.

Five days before this speech, Hezbollah announced the schedule in various places in Lebanon. Hassan Nasrallah began his speech by paying tribute to Hezbollah members and Palestinian civilians killed in the battle with Israeli forces. In his speech, he also praised the attack of Hamas fighters inside Israel on October 7. He said that the responsibility of the ongoing conflict in Gaza lies entirely with the United States and Israel is only the executive here.

Hizbollah chief said, “You, the Americans, know very well that if the war starts here, your fleet will not be useful, even fighting in the air will not work.” Your army and navy will pay the price. Hezbollah’s fight on the Lebanese border is intensifying day by day. This is why Israel is forced to move its troops to the north of the Lebanese border. How the fight plays out here will depend on Gaza.

The US has sent two warships carrying warplanes near Israel’s Mediterranean coast since the start of the war in Gaza. Referring to the US warship deployment, Hassan Nasrallah said, Hezbollah is not afraid of these things. I want to say directly, you are threatening us with these, we have made strong preparations to stop your fleet.

One of Hez bollah’s main goals is to destroy Israel. They have a rich arsenal of missiles that can hit Israel far and wide. Their army consists of about lakhs of trained and experienced warriors. They were involved in a months-long war with Israel in 2006. Many people in Lebanon are now afraid of getting involved in that kind of conflict again.

Hezbollah’s attacks on the Gaza Strip have also increased since Israeli forces stepped up their attacks in October. But so far their conflict has been limited to the Lebanon-Israel border. And both sides have refrained from engaging in major conflict. However, analysts believe that this situation may change after the aggressive speech of the Hezbollah leader.

It was assumed that Hassan Nasrallah would indicate Hezbollah’s next steps in this speech. However, he did not make it clear whether Hezbollah will engage in direct war with the Israeli forces. He did not appear in public for many years due to fear of attacks by Israeli forces. However, he regularly gives speeches to Hezbollah members and the people of Lebanon, which are broadcast on television.


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