I don’t have to remove my deceased kid

I don't have to remove my deceased kid

I don’t have to remove my deceased kid. There is a passenger who can be seen poking his head and two hands out of the window of a compartment of the Benapole Express train that is on fire at Gopi Bagh in the capital city.A portion of the glass is open as well.This is the way that his body is smoldering.On social media, the photo has gained widespread attention.

It is common knowledge that the townspeople made an effort to save that individual.In spite of this, he did not come out.After the fire, I was unable to exit the train via the window that was next to my seat, according to a young guy called Nafiz Alam, who was 22 years old and a passenger on the train. He was brought to the burn center after suffering minor burns when the fire occurred.

After that, leap through the window of the rear seat.After I had left the house, I came across that individual who had a portion of his torso protruding out the side window.I then grabbed his hand and attempted to get him out of the situation.He had already set fire to his lower body at that point.But she continued to insist, “My baby has passed away.”I will no longer continue to live.There is no need for me to sort it out.During this time, it was impossible to rescue him since the fire was constantly spreading at a fast pace.

Masud Alam, who lives in Bakpura village, is the father of Nafiz Alam, who is a member of the Banga police station in Faridpur.resides in Mirpur, which is located in the Manipur region.Following the completion of his graduation from Faridpur Polytechnic Institute, he is presently participating in graphic design training at an organization in Dhanmondi known as “People Entech.”

It has been reported by the Dhaka Railway Police Station that one of the four remains that have been retrieved is thought to be a male.Based on the horrifying camera footage, it is suspected that this is the corpse of the guy who was seen on fire close to the window.

It was said by Md. Setafur Rahman, the Sub-Inspector (SI) of the Dhaka Railway Station (Kamalapur), that two of the four corpses are individuals who are female and children.There is a lack of clarity on the gender of the other two individuals.It is suspected that one of them is the corpse of the guy who was seen in the horrifying video footage ablaze close to the window.On top of that, the family of two ladies called Natasha Jasmine, who is 25 years old, and Elina Yasmin, who is 30 years old, have arrived to claim their remains.The deceased corpse was unable to be identified by them.Using DNA, we will be able to identify the individual.
The Benapole Express train was set ablaze by a group of criminals on Friday evening.Talha bin Jasim, a media officer from the headquarters of the fire service, said that after getting information about the incident, numerous units were sent over the course of several increments. Anwar Hossain, the Superintendent of Police (SP) for the Dhaka District Railway, said that the Benapole Express train caught fire as it was approaching the Kamalapur railway station.

I don’t have to remove my deceased kid

I don’t have to remove my deceased kid I don’t have to remove my deceased kid I don’t have to remove my deceased kid

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