India boasts 6.1 percent growth in tiger population


India today reported a 6.1 percent growth in tiger population from last year.

The new figures came out in a comprehensive report released on the occasion of Global Tiger Day today, reports our New Delhi correspondent.

The maximum number of tigers in the protected areas of the country reached 3,925 following a count of both camera-trapped and non-camera-trapped efforts, according to a statement by the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

On April 9 last year, during the celebration of 50 years of India’s Project Tiger, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the minimum tiger population to be at 3,167, which is the population estimate from the camera-trapped areas.

“Now, further analysis of data, done by the Wildlife Institute of India from both camera-trapped and non-camera-trapped tiger presence areas, estimated the upper limit of the tiger population to be 3,925 and the average number is 3,682, reflecting a commendable annual growth rate of 6.1 percent per annum,” reads the statement.

India has almost 75 percent of the world’s tiger population spread across 53 reserves effectively.

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