India Set to Receive 4,000 Tons of Hilsa Fish

India Set to Receive 4,000 Tons of Hilsa Fish My News Bangladesh

The government has approved the export of 3 thousand 950 tons of hilsa fish to India on the occasion of Durga Puja. Today Wednesday (September 20) a letter regarding this has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce. 79 companies will export these hilsa under seven conditions.

According to the letter, on the occasion of the upcoming Durga Puja, after scrutinizing the applications received regarding the export of hilsa fish, 79 organizations have been given permission to export 50 tons of hilsa subject to conditions. A total of 79 companies were allowed to export 3 thousand 950 tons of hilsa. These companies were given permission to export the specified amount of hilsa fish to India according to the instructions.

It is known that ahead of Durga Puja, on September 1, Kolkata Fish Importers Association reported the demand of five thousand tons of hilsa in an application to the Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Kolkata. Later on September 4, the application came to the Ministry of Commerce. Last year, 2,900 tonnes of hilsa were allowed to be exported during Puja. However, 1 thousand 300 tons were exported. The same situation happened in previous years as well. Exports were 30 to 40 percent less than the sanction.

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