Iraq Wedding Fire Tragedy: Hundreds Dead, 150+ Injured

Iraq Wedding Fire Tragedy My news Bangladesh

A fire broke out at a wedding Fire ceremony in Iraq. At least 113 guests lost their lives. At least 150 people were burned. News from the BBC. The incident happened in Nineveh province of the country on Tuesday (September 26).

According to the preliminary investigation, both the bride and groom are on the list of victims. It is not known exactly how the fire started. However, witnesses say that the wedding fire may have started with firecrackers thrown at the wedding. The fire is believed to have spread quickly due to the silk cloth and other paraphernalia arranged for the wedding. As a result, part of the community center collapsed.

Several people are still missing in this incident. A search is on for the missing in the rubble. The Prime Minister of the country has already expressed deep grief. He ordered quick rescue work and necessary treatment.

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