Israel calls for to demolish the home of the pinnacle of Hamas

Israel demands to demolish the house of the head of Hamas

Israel has demanded to demolish the house of Ismail Haniya, head of the Palestinian organization Hamas in Gaza. Qatar-based media Al Jazeera reported this information.

The Israeli military (IDF) also posted a video on the social media platform X. However, it is not known whether anyone was in the house at the time of the attack.

Hania’s house was targeted for the second time this month. On November 4, Al-Aqsa Radio reported that launched a drone attack targeting Haniya’s house. The Palestinian leader has been out of Gaza since 2019.

Ismail Haniya was a close associate of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In 2004, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin was killed in an airstrike. After that Ismail Haniya’s influence on Hamas became stronger. Ismail Haniya’s direct rise to Palestinian politics preceded the January 2006 elections. His party won against the splinter Fatah party led by Mahmoud Abbas.


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