Israel threatened to attack Iran

Israel threatened to attack Iran My News Bangladesh

Israel issued a stern warning to Iran. This time, an Israeli minister directly threatened Iran. If Iran-backed armed group Hezbollah joins the war, Israel will launch a full force attack against Iran. Israeli Finance Minister Nir Barkat made such a comment on Friday.

According to the New York Times, the Israeli minister also said that the means of this attack will be to destroy Iran-backed Hezbollah.

He told the British media Daily Mail that Iran’s plan is to attack Israel from all directions. If we are able to find out that they are targeting Israel, we will cut off the snake’s head. Iran is the head of that snake.

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This minister did not stop here. He also made harsh comments about Iran’s top leaders. He said, Iran’s Ayatollahs will not be able to sleep peacefully at night. If they start an attack through the northern border, we will repel it – but at a heavy cost.

Hezbollah has been attacking the Lebanese border for two weeks. After the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza, they started attacking the Israeli security forces.

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