It’s not about percentage of votes cast in elections: EC

It's not about percentage of votes cast in elections

It’s not about percentage of votes cast in elections.Election Commissioner Anichur Rahman said that the percentage of votes cast in the election is not the issue. Elections will be held at election speed. It is not written in the constitution how many votes should be cast. But if the elections are not held on time, a vacuum will be created in the constitution. So the election will be on time. No one can question the election. As we have said, the result will be declared with the percentage cast.

On Wednesday (22 November) he said these things after exchanging views with the three Deputy Commissioners, Returning Officers and Superintendents of Police and the law enforcement and election officials of Comilla, Chandpur, Brahmanbaria. The exchange meeting was held at Comilla Circuit House. Meanwhile, EC Anichur Rahman said that it is not our concern who came in the election and who did not. It is not our responsibility to bring anyone if no one has actually come. We have sent a letter. We have 42 teams registered. They (BNP) want to come to the election. This is what we are hearing from various media. If they are negotiating or colluding behind the scenes then there is a chance to push back the matter (schedule). One of our election commissioners also said that there is an opportunity in the constitution to delay the schedule of major political parties in the elections. 

He also said that elections are always festive in Bangladesh. But it is more in local government elections. We are calling from the east. Let everyone come to the election. Election cannot be questioned. 

On the question of transfer of administration officials, EC Anichur Rahman said that if there is a need for reshuffle in the administration due to elections, it will be done. 

Comilla Deputy Commissioner presided over the meeting. Mushfiqur Rahman. Brahmanbaria Deputy Commissioner Md. Shahgir Alam, Chandpur District Commissioner Kamrul Hasan, Comilla District Police Superintendent Abdul Mannan, Brahmanbaria District Police Superintendent Mohammad Shakhawat Hossain and Chandpur District Police Superintendent Mohammad Saiful Islam. Election officials of the district and outside the district were present at the time. 

It’s not about percentage of votes cast in elections

It’s not about percentage of votes cast in elections It’s not about percentage of votes cast in elections

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