Japan is lauded for peaceful elections

Japan is lauded for peaceful elections

Japan is lauded for peaceful elections.The results of the 12th National Assembly elections have been completed successfully, and Japan is pleased with the results. The results of this election have left the nation feeling extremely content. They are going to supply the essential help in the future for this purpose.

Iwama Kimino, the Japanese Ambassador, met with Kazi Habibul Awal, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC), on Monday, the day after the elections so that he could convey his contentment and his desire to work together. In addition to the election monitors from the nation, the ambassador brought a delegation consisting of six individuals to the building where the elections were being held.

The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) reported that a Japanese election observation team made us a kind visit. Their primary objective is to express gratitude to us for what Katesi has stated. After observing the election, they will provide a report on their findings. They reported feeling a high level of contentment. In their comments, individuals express a high level of contentment.

According to him, one of them went to the facility between the ages of 15 and 16. One more went to four to five centers. He lauded the professionalism of individuals who were in charge of our polling locations around the country, as well as the election that was carried out in a well-organized manner. They have seen a high level of order, and they have high hopes that this election would serve as a model or example for Bangladesh.

Additionally, Kazi Habibul Awal said that if we want more collaboration for the next elections in Bangladesh, then they are also eager to collaborate with us. This is something that we are looking for. When we get together, we will discuss and determine what the technical and electronic requirements are. Should it become essential, we will accept their support. Their remarks are very kind and kind, and I really appreciate it. The fact that they have stated their desire to work together in the future is an indication of their generosity.

Sunday was the day when the 12th election for the National Assembly took place. There was a total of 41.8 percent of votes cast in it. On this particular day, voting took place in 299 different seats. The seat result for Mymensingh-1 has been suspended by the EC. In addition, the election for the Naogaon-2 seat will be delayed since an eligible candidate passed away.

Japan is lauded for peaceful elections

Japan is lauded for peaceful elections Japan is lauded for peaceful elections

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