Laws are made to fight gender-based discrimination: law minister

Law Minister Anisul Huq today said the government has enacted several laws to fight against violence and gender-based discriminations in the country.

“With a firm focus on ensuring the safety and welfare of women and children, the government of Bangladesh has enacted some crucial laws such as the Prevention of Suppression against Women and Children Act in 2000, the Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Act in 2010, the Pornography (Control) Act in 2012, and the Prevention of Human Trafficking Act in 2012,” he said.

The minister said these while addressing a function titled ‘Gender-Based Violence Bench Book Launch’ at a city hotel as the chief guest under the arrangement of US Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Promoting Peace and Justice Activity in Bangladesh, a press release said.

Two bench books named “Judicial Bench Book on Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Bangladesh” and “Bangladesh Judicial Bench Book on the Prevention of Operations Against Women and Children Act, 2000” were launched on the occasion, the release added.

Anisul said that these laws stand as formidable pillars in the fight against violence and gender-based discrimination, ensuring that the rights and dignity of all citizens are respected and protected.

Furthermore, to guarantee the effective implementation of these vital legal instruments, the government has established a remarkable network of 101 specialised ‘Prevention of Suppression against Women and Children Tribunal’ nationwide, he added.

These dedicated courts, equipped with competent prosecution teams, serve as instrumental platforms for delivering swift and impartial justice to those affected by violence and discrimination, he continued.

“As we are aware, women and children remain among the most vulnerable targets of human trafficking, enduring untold suffering both within the borders of the nation and beyond. By recognizing the gravity of this heinous crime, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s direct guidance has resulted in the establishment of Seven Anti Human Trafficking Offence Tribunals strategically positioned in divisional headquarters,” he said.

This visionary move serves the crucial purpose of expediting and streamlining the delivery of justice to the victims of human trafficking, he added.

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