Math, English drag results down

The pass rate for students under Dhaka board in this year’s SSC examinations was 77.55 percent, lowest in the last 13 years.

The reason behind such decline is the low pass rate of humanities students, and poor results in English and mathematics by many students across all disciplines, analysis of the published results show.

According to the education board’s data, 4,16,426 students took the exams under Dhaka board.

Among the 15 districts under the board, Faridpur witnessed the lowest pass rate (64.07 percent) while Dhaka city saw the highest (87.43 percent). The rates were 64.69 percent in Shariatpur and 65.45 percent in Manikganj.

Pass rate for science students was 93.42 percent, while that of students in humanities and business studies were 63.54 percent and 80.37 percent respectively.

Number of examinees with the highest-grade point average also decreased this year compared to last year, as only 11.12 percent (46,303) of the examinees scored GPA 5.

Dhaka Education Board Chairman Tapan Kumar Sarkar said students did not perform well in mathematics, which led to the overall poor grades.

Besides, students had to sit for exams in all subjects this time. This might also be the reason behind the poor grades, he added.

Around 80.56 percent of Dhaka board students passed in mathematics, and 90.83 percent of them passed in English exams. The numbers are lowest among the nine general boards, said board officials.

Rajshahi board students had the highest pass rates in English (96.82 percent), while Jashore board examinees had the highest pass rates in mathematics (98.89 percent).  

According to the Dhaka board, it had a pass rate of 90.03 percent in 2022 and 93.15 percent in 2021. Both exams were held with a shortened syllabus due to Covid-19 pandemic.

The board’s pass rates from 2011 to 2020 are 84.65, 85.96, 87.31, 93.95, 88.65, 88.67, 86.39, 81.48, 79.62, and 82.34 percent  respectively.

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