Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean, Tunisia protests

Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean

Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean. Protests have been launched in Tunisia by the families of 37 migrants who were on a boat that went missing in the Mediterranean Sea as it was traveling to Europe. From the coast of Tunisia, they were meant to make their way to Italy as they traveled across the Mediterranean.

According to a report by Al Jazeera, the boatload of migrants evacuated Libya the previous week. None of it was found.

aboard the evening of January 11, the Tunisian coast guard issued a statement stating that the migrants’ departure from Sfax, the second biggest city in the nation, aboard a boat bound for Italy occurred on the previous Monday.

The family members were unable to locate them even after a few days had passed. Following the notification of this situation to the Coast Guard, a search effort was initiated in order to locate the individuals who had gone missing. This information was also supplied by the Italian Coast Guard on the same daily basis.

Meanwhile, families of migrants who have gone missing have begun a demonstration in the hamlet of El Hencha, which is located in the province of Sfax in Tunisia, in an effort to locate their relatives.

They set fire to tires all around the settlement and barricaded the routes that led to it. After receiving assurances from the administration that the search for the missing would continue and that efforts would continue, they decided to call off the protest.

It has been reported by Al Jazeera that all of the individuals who have vanished are citizens of Tunisia. As far as the reports are concerned, all of the missing individuals are inhabitants of El Hencha hamlet, which is located in the Sfax Governorate Governorate. They are between the ages of 13 and 35.

Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean

Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean Migrant boat missing in Mediterranean

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