Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money

Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money

Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money.Textile and Jute Minister Golam Dastgir Gazi is buying votes in Narayanganj-1 (Rupganj) constituency in the 12th National Assembly elections. By looking at the voter ID card, evidence was found that each voter is being given Rs 1,000 by the party supporters.

Locals say that if the election is fair and impartial, independent candidate of kettle symbol and former upazila chairman Md. Shahjahan Bhuiyan will be elected. Golam Dastgir Ghazi started buying votes with money two days before the election due to such fear. 

They said Golam Dastgir Ghazi and his sons grabbed thousands of agricultural lands in the name of factories and housing projects during the last 15 years as MPs. Because of this, even after being an MP for a long time, his popularity has fallen to the bottom. If there is a fair vote, you will be sure to lose by threatening someone and buying votes with money. 

In the video obtained by Bangladesh Daily, it can be seen that money is being given to the voters by looking at the voter ID card on the ground floor of the under-construction house of Ward No. 9 President of Tarabo Municipality of Rupganj, Narayanganj-1 Constituency. In the video, it can be seen that many people have gathered to collect money. 

Ward No. 9 Awami League President Mulzar, local leaders of Awami League Ratan Mia and Khorshed and several others are distributing money together. Their names have been confirmed from the locals after watching the video. Among them, the political identity of President Mulzer has been confirmed, but it is not known what position others are holding. Bangladesh Daily has received several videos of money distribution

In another video, several local Awami League leaders are distributing money in a room in the evening after looking at national identity cards. Can be heard in the video, a woman saying when I took? At that time, another person sitting on the floor of that room said, “Didn’t talk about you, your mother has been taken away.” Dad took it. 

While taking money from Awami League president Mulzar, he talked to a local woman voter. When asked to know her name, she introduced herself as Mumin’s mother. When asked what the money was for, he said that he gave it like this. Then the reporter said hiding his identity, will not give me? He said, I will give it if I become a voter. 

On condition of anonymity, a local shopkeeper said, Mr. Mulzar is close to the minister. Ward No. 9 of Tarabo is the President of Awami League. He is also in charge of the elections in this area. So giving money to close people first. 

On the question whether money is being given for voting or not, he said that those who are getting money are the voters of this area. If you say anything more, there is a problem. Rupganj Upazila Executive Officer (UNO) and Assistant Returning Officer Ahsan Mahmud Russell said, ‘I have heard such complaints. 

Action will be taken after watching the video footage.’Locals say that the Awami League of Rupganj has split into two parts. In the last 15 years, the beneficiaries are in favor of the current member of parliament, Golam Dastgir Gazi, but about 75% of the disadvantaged are the leaders and workers of the Awami League and its organizations. Shahjahan is working for Bhuiyan. 

They said, Shah Jahan will have the last laugh. Because there is no ink in his name. Loved Awami League and did politics. No one was harmed. Did not occupy the land. He has no connection with drug dealers.

Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money

Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money Minister Ghazi openly bought votes with money

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