Mother and Two Children Die in Tragic Hay Pile Accident

Tragic Hay Pile Accident

A Tragic Hay Pile Accident occurred in the village of Dakshin Dharmapur in Amjadahat Union, Fulgazi Upazila, Feni, resulting in the unfortunate deaths of a mother and her two young sons. The victims have been identified as Sumi Attar (35), the wife of Bahrain expatriate Tipu Alam, along with her sons Shahid (5) and Md. Siam (2). The incident unfolded on a Wednesday morning, September 20.

Reports suggest that Sumi was engaged in cutting hay from a stack of dry hay in front of her home, intending to feed it to her cows. Her two sons were playing nearby as she worked. Tragically, while pulling hay from the stack, it suddenly collapsed, burying Sumi and her two children. Nearby residents rushed to the scene, rescued them, and transported them to Chagalnaiya Upazila Health Complex. Regrettably, the attending doctors declared all three victims deceased.

Mir Hossain, the Chairman of Amjad Hat Union Parishad (UP), expressed his condolences, noting that the mother and her two children’s deaths have left the entire area in mourning.

Muhammad Abul Hasim, the Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Fulgazi Police Station, revealed that the bodies of the deceased have been temporarily placed at Chagalnaiya Upazila Health Complex. They will later be transferred to the morgue at Feni Sadar General Hospital for autopsy. Additionally, he mentioned that a wrongful death case will be filed at Fulgazi police station in connection with this Tragic Hay Pile Accident incident.

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