Moving Fan Collapsed In Jahangirnagar University, Student Injured, Library Closed

Moving Fan Collapsed In Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University (JAB) central library has announced closure of the university library for the next two days after a student was injured when a ceiling fan fell on his head while studying.

The incident took place on the second floor of the library on Monday (October 2) around 1:30 p.m.Farzana Nipa, a student who witnessed the incident, said that she was studying in the Jahangirnagar university library to prepare for the exam. At that time, suddenly the fan broke between him and Anisur Rahman, a student of 41st batch of history department of the university, who was sitting at the next table. Anisur was seriously injured. He said he survived as he was only a few centimeters away. If the fans are not repaired quickly, he fears that many more people will suffer accidents.

Nuruzzaman Shubo, a student of the history department of the Jahangirnagar university, said that cases of serious injuries have occurred before when the fan fell off. But the authorities do not budge. Some students applied two months ago to test the fans. But those in charge have denied such an application.

When asked about the overall issue, Acting Director of the Jahangirnagar University’s Central Library and Professor of the Institute of Information Technology, M Shamim Kaiser said, in fact, these fans were installed in the library in 1986. As such, they are very old. We have written several times to the engineering office about changing the fan and other issues. But they did not take any action. After today’s accident I have discussed with all concerned and decided that the fans will be repaired within the next 2 days. For this reason, the library will be closed for the next two days. He said that the cooperation of students is necessary for this work.

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