Newborn Thrown from 15th Floor

Newborn Thrown from 15th Floor My News Bangladesh

The event is India. A Newborn Thrown her 39-day-old daughter 15 floors in Mulund, Mumbai, the mother threw of that child!The police brought the incident to the public on Saturday. The woman has been arrested.

According to the police, the woman, a resident of a multi-storied flat on Javer Road, Mulund West, gave birth to a girl child a month and a half ago. He is physically challenged. Can’t hear. Can’t even see with the eyes. The police have started an investigation to find out how and why such a woman killed her infant in this way.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the woman had given birth to a child earlier. The newborn Thrown boy died while drinking his mother’s milk. The woman was mentally disturbed since the incident in July last year.

The police also said that the child’s uncle was in another room at the time of the incident. He ran on hearing the sound. He rescued the child in bloody condition and took him to the hospital. But the child died by then. After receiving the information, the police went to the spot. They sent the body for autopsy. The woman has already been arrested. The police said that everyone is being interrogated for the sake of investigation.

Source: India Today , PTI , News18

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