Now we don’t often see murders and disappearances: Home Minister

Home Minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that during the four-party alliance led by BNP from 2001 to 2006, there were widespread murders and disappearances. Now we don’t often see murders.

He said this in response to questions from reporters in his office at the secretariat on Sunday.Today, the speakers in the human chain of BNP said that the current government has made Bangladesh known to the world as a country of murders and disappearances. Bangladesh is now a peaceful country. Here terrorists, militants, extremists, forest bandits, pirates have gradually surrendered. They are gone. Speaking of murders and disappearances, in 2004, the US State Department quoted, there were around 470 disappearances in one year. Every year they were constantly missing and murdered. If you come now and say so many murders, so many have gone missing. They can say.

He said, now we don’t often see murders and disappearances, we saw them at a large rate from 2001 to 2006. We have seen the rise of militancy. You have seen the scene of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina being bombed, God saved her. 63 districts were bombed together. But all this happened during that period. They are a history. Now those who do this in the dream will spread confusion. They are having a nightmare.

The minister said that many people may have forgotten about those murders and disappearances. I want to remind them again, they (BNP) started the murders and disappearances. We closed them and created a beautiful environment today.

Asaduzzaman Khan said about the allegation that the human chain of BNP was also obstructed, “The police requested to go to another place to make a human chain. It might cause a traffic jam, that’s why they asked to do it in another place. They did not go to that place. The incident is not true.’

Hefazet Islam has announced to hold a rally in Dhaka – he said, ‘If the Election Commission has objections, they cannot do it. If our security forces think that the environment will be spoiled here, our security forces also have something to look at. Complaints are coming against the police officers. After seeing them, they will be transferred through the police headquarters.

He said, at the moment we do not have any instructions to the police. The instructions given by the Election Commission are being implemented. For free and fair elections, our police are working as per the Election Commission’s wishes.

The Election Commission will send a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs with instructions regarding the programs of the political parties. The Election Commission studies them and gives us a decision after testing them. If that decision does not come to us, we cannot say anything in advance.

Home Minister

Home Minister Home Minister Home Minister Home Minister

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