Occupying Gaza would be Israel’s ‘big mistake’: Biden

Occupying Gaza would be Israel's 'big mistake' Biden My News Bangladesh

US President Joe Biden said it would be a ‘big mistake’ if Israel tried to occupy the Gaza Strip again.On Monday, the French media reported this information to France Twentyfour.

According to the report, the US President made this comment in an interview with CBS News yesterday in the face of preparations for a ground attack on Gaza by Israeli forces.

On CBS News’ Sixty Minutes, Biden was asked if America’s ally occupied Gaza, would you support it? In response, he said, ‘I think it will be a big mistake.’

He added, ‘Hamas does not represent all Palestinians. However, it is necessary to carry out operations there and expel the extremists.’

The US president said in favor of wiping out Hamas, “The Palestinian Authority is needed for this work.” A Palestinian state needs direction.’He reiterated the US commitment to resolve the issue by establishing two separate states.

Asked if US troops would participate in the Gaza operation, Biden said, ‘I don’t think it’s necessary. Israel has an efficient army. We will help them with whatever they need.’

After Hamas launched an ambush on Israel on October 7, the United States has already deployed two warships to the Eastern Mediterranean in support of the country.

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