On the primary siege day, 19 automobiles caught hearth.

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First day of second phase of BNP blockade: miscreants set fire to 19 automobiles in different regions of the nation, including the capital.

These fires happened from Saturday (November 5) night until Sunday (November 6) at 11 pm. Other automobile vandalism includes hurling cockatrices at police cars.

A Shikar Paribahan bus caught fire in Pallavi around 7 pm on Sunday (November 5). Two busses caught fire at 4 a.m. on Sunday in front of Saddam Market in Matuail, Demra, and Jurain Balur Field, Shyampur. A Mirpur-6 bus caught fire around 5:30 am. In Meradia, Banasree, a bus caught fire in the Banspatti neighborhood later in the morning.

Sabuj Mia (30), a bus passenger, was burned. Around four in the afternoon, a Dhaka University student transport bus (Chaitali) caught fire in front of Bangla College in Mirpur. A bus caught fire near Banglamotor junction at 6:30 pm. The final Shikar Paribahan bus caught fire in Mirpur around 11:30 about 7 pm. Two fire department units arrived and extinguished the fire.

near 6:30 p.m., the fire brigade received reports of a bus fire near Banglamotor crossroads. Firefighters put out the flames.

No passengers were hurt. At 6:58 pm, a Shikar Paribahan passenger bus caught fire. The fire was extinguished by two Pallavi Fire Station units.

Around 10:30 pm, criminals set a private automobile on fire at Palashi crossroads in the capital. Roadside, the private automobile was abandoned. In Caravan Bazaar, a pick-up vehicle was almost set on fire. The pickup’s rear sofa burned. The pickup departed the sofa. Additionally, a passenger bus was set on fire at the Bayezid Bostami police station district of Chittagong city. On Sunday, November 5, around 10:25 PM, the event occurred near Oxygen Mor Railway Gate of the police station.

Early Sunday morning, a bus at Dhumpara crossroads near Patenga in Chittagong caught fire. The bus driver prayed on the roadside. Reports say two autorickshaw drivers suddenly poured fuel on the bus and set it on fire. Upazila Tanti League president Kabir Mia Khandkar’s own automobile burned in Habiganj Chunarughat about 10 am. Apparently, several teens put fuel in that private automobile and set it on fire. Locals quenched the fire.

An empty bus in Talimpur, Rupsa Upazila, Khulna, caught fire on this day. This occurred at 7:30 pm on Sunday, November 5. An auto-rickshaw fuelled by CNG caught fire during the BNP blockage in Sreepur Upazila, Gazipur. This incident damaged the CNG driver and passengers with picketer-thrown stones. Accident occurred at Mauna CNG pump in MC Bazar region of Dhaka-Mymensingh highway, upazila, around 8 pm on Sunday, November 5.

19 automobiles

19 automobiles 19 automobiles 19 automobiles

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