Opportunity to travel to Kenya without a visa

Opportunity to travel to Kenya without a visa

Citizens of any country in the world can travel to Kenya without a visa. This rule will be effective from next January. Recently the country’s President William Ruto said this.

Ruto said his government has developed a digital platform from which electronic travel authorizations will be issued to tourists in advance. They no longer need to apply for a visa.In an event organized in the capital Nairobi to mark the 60th anniversary of Kenya’s independence, Ruto said that any person from any part of the world will no longer have to worry about applying for a visa to travel to Kenya. Ruto has long advocated for visa-free travel to the African continent.

At a conference in the Republic of Congo last October, people from African countries will no longer need visas to travel to Kenya by the end of 2023.

The tourism industry has a significant contribution to the Kenyan economy. Wildlife safaris along the Indian Ocean coast and the country’s interior are major attractions for tourists. 

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