Our electoral transparency efforts are complete: Prime Minister

Prime Minister

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that we have done everything necessary to make the elections transparent. He said, during the election, law and order forces, administrators are completely under the control of the Election Commission. 

Any transfer of an officer from one place to another after the announcement of the schedule shall not be made without the permission of the Election Commissioner. It can be changed if the Election Commission wants, otherwise it cannot be done.

He said this in his welcome address at the party’s Parliamentary Nomination Board meeting at Dhaka District Awami League office in Tejgaon on Thursday morning. The Prime Minister said that the constitution given by the father of the nation and the principles given in the election, there was a point that the presiding officer’s seal would be on the back of the ballot paper, Ziaur Rahman canceled everything by ordinance before the election. That is, leaving the box full, etc., etc.  

Sheikh Hasina also said that whenever Awami League came to the government, it has done various reforms. So that the election is free and fair. People can vote, so people can exercise their rights. Awami League has done transparent ballot boxes, voter list with pictures and making people aware that people can vote. We collectively came up with various proposals and implemented them one by one. 

The Prime Minister said that the Election Commission was fully connected with the Prime Minister’s Office. Everything from the budget was handled by the Prime Minister’s Office. I have freed from that place. We legislate for the formation of the Election Commission. which were not done before. The Election Commission is constituted on the basis of law. There was no intervention.

Prime Minister

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