Pabna Chhatra Leagu Clash: 11 Injured, Including Bullet Wounds

Pabna Chhatra Leagu Clash My News Bangladesh

Clashes took place between two factions of the Chhatra League in Pabna city based on prior disputes and dominance. It has been alleged that one party fired at the other party. At least 8 people were shot and 11 people were injured. One of the injured is in critical condition.

The incident took place at Masum Bazar area of ​​the city on Saturday around 10 pm.The injured are – Rafi, Arafat, Milan, Rihab, Akash, Sajeeb, Shanto, Ranju, Tanjeed. They are all supporters of Mehdi Hasan, workers of Chhatra League. Among the injured, Sajib was shot and stabbed. On the other hand, Ranju was injured by stabbing. All others were shot. The names of the two are not yet known in this incident.

According to the injured activists and police, recently in front of Pabna Women’s College, a fight took place between the former vice-president of District Chhatra League Mehdi Hasan and the former organizing secretary of Municipal Chhatra League Ifte Arafat Sifat group. There was tension between the two sides over that incident for quite some time.

At around 10 pm on Saturday, Mehdi Hasan was going to the district Awami League office from the bus terminal area with his supporters. Allegedly, when Masum reached the market, Sifat and his supporters started firing at them. Eight people were shot and three were stabbed.

The injured were rescued and admitted to Pabna General Hospital. A Chhatra League worker named Sajib, who was shot and stabbed there, was sent to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital as his condition was critical. Since the incident, there has been tension in the city. Police patrolling has been intensified.

Mehedi Hasan District Chhatra League President Mizanur Rahman Sabujer and Ifte Arafat Sifat District Chhatra League General Secretary Mir Rafiul Islam are known as border followers.

Chhatra League Turmoil Erupts in Pabna: Conflicting Accounts of Violent Clash

District Chhatra League president Mizanur Rahman Sabuj talked about the attack. He said, ‘Sifat’s people attacked Mehdi’s people. There was already trouble between them. We tried to solve it again and again but after a few days they got into trouble again.’

Mehdi Hasan, the former vice-president of District Chhatra League, complained, ‘Sifat and his men fired at our motorcycle fleet while going to the party office on Saturday night. People from my side were shot and stabbed. I demand Sifat’s arrest after looking into the source of so many weapons and terrorist activities.’

On the other hand, Ifte Arafat Sifat, the former organizational secretary of Municipal Chhatra League, said, ‘I was standing in front of my office and talking on the mobile phone. Suddenly Mehdi attacked me with 20-30 people and shot me. I somehow saved my life.’Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Pabna Sadar Police Station Kripa Sindhu Bala said that additional police have been deployed in the city after the incident. The situation is under control.

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