Palestinian child’s gratitude to Allah for being alive

Palestinian child's gratitude to Allah for being alive My News Bangladesh

Palestinian child expresses gratitude to Allah after being rescued from the rubble and taken to hospital after an Israeli attack. The Palestinian child knelt down and prostrated to God after being rescued from the rubble in Khan Younis, southern Gaza and taken to the hospital. The photo of the child was published by the French news agency AFP last Saturday (October 14). However, the child’s identity is not known.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed so far in the ongoing war between the Palestinian armed group Hamas and Israel. Meanwhile, more than 1 million Palestinians have fled their homes and livelihoods in search of safe haven amid chaos, despair and insecurity in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip in the face of constant Israeli airstrikes.

Israel declared war on Palestinian Islamist organizations after an attack by Hamas fighters killed more than 1400 civilians in Israel on October 7. Since the attack by Hamas, Israel has launched non-stop airstrikes on Gaza City. And it killed 2670 people in the enclave, most of them civilians.

Meanwhile, when leaving Gaza, Palestinians are taking with them as many essentials as possible, either in bags or in suitcases. Some leave the city on three-wheeled motorcycles, broken-down cars, goods transport vehicles or donkey-drawn carts. It is a common sight every day.

People have taken refuge in UN-run schools, and even in the open streets, after being directed by occupation forces to escape Israeli bombardment and move to the southern part of Gaza.

After deploying thousands of troops and heavy weapons to Israel’s operation in northern Gaza, the country’s army said it was only waiting for a ‘political’ green signal.

The Israeli army says 1.1 million Palestinians have moved from the northern part of Gaza to the southern part. However, Israel is still carrying out airstrikes in the southern part. Doctors’ residences were also targeted in the attacks in Khan Yunis and Rafa.

Meanwhile, the number of dead and wounded in hospitals in Gaza continues to rise. Health officials said on Sunday, 9,600 injured people are receiving treatment there.

The life support system in the hospital has become useless due to power cut. Besides, everything from hospital incubators to water treatment plants and food storage systems have collapsed.

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