Pass rate, GPA-5 lowest in 5 years

The pass rate in this year’s Dakhil examinations under the Madrasa Education Board is  74.70 percent, which is the lowest in the past five years.

This year, around 2.12 lakh out of 2.85 lakh examinees passed the Dakhil exam. Of them, the number of girls is higher, at 77.02 percent, while 72.29 percent are boys.

According to inter-education board documents, the pass rate under this board was 82.22 percent last year and  93.22 percent in 2021.

The lowest pass rate in this exam is  70.89 percent, which was recorded in 2018.

Not only did the pass rate decrease this year, but there was also a significant decline in the number of students achieving GPA 5, with only 6,213 students achieving the feat, also the lowest number in the past five years.

Furthermore, it also falls short by more than half compared to last year’s 15,457 students.

In 2021, there were 14,313 students who achieved GPA 5; 7,516 in 2020, and 6,287 in 2019.

Additionally, despite a little dip compared to last years, the technical board’s 86.35 percent pass rate nevertheless outperformed that of general and madrasa students.

The pass rate in the general education board this year is 80.94 percent.

As many as 1.05 lakh vocational students passed out of 1.22 lakh students this year, while 18,145 students earned GPA 5.

Meanwhile, 375 students appeared for SSC from abroad in eight foreign exam centres this year, of which, 320 have passed.

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