People troll me when Chittagong sinks

People troll me when Chittagong sinks My news Bangladesh

People troll me when Chittagong sinks said Riyaz. He made comments during the Chittagong City Corporation election campaign on January 24, 2021, likening Marine Drive Road to a European road when arriving from the airport. These remarks have since garnered attention, particularly when Chittagong experiences minor flooding, leading to trolling on social media.

Nevertheless, Riyaz remains unfazed by the criticism. In a recent TV interview, he expressed his indifference, stating that during floods, locals take him to help with fishing and trawling in Chittagong’s submerged areas, an experience he finds rather enjoyable. Riyaz maintains a positive outlook and believes that if people find pleasure in such activities, it’s perfectly fine.

Riyaz also commended the development in Chittagong but when People troll me when Chittagong sinks citing the construction of excellent roads and tunnels beneath the city. However, he acknowledged that certain areas in Chittagong do suffer from occasional waterlogging, urging the city’s mayor and responsible authorities to take proactive measures to address this issue. He emphasized that these challenges are undesirable and that Chittagong’s status as a port city makes it crucial for its issues to be resolved promptly.

Riyaz expressed his concern for a tragic incident where a girl lost her life after falling into a drain in Chittagong. He empathized with the family’s grief and emphasized the need for the city’s leaders, including the mayor, to work diligently to mitigate waterlogging in low-lying areas.

Additionally, Riyaz highlighted the role of plastic bottles in contributing to flooding, pointing out that the increased use of plastic bottles has led to thousands of tons of plastic accumulating in drains. He stressed the importance of raising public awareness about responsible disposal of plastic bottles to prevent further drainage issues.

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