Petal Chhatra League Arrives Late to Cadre Meeting

Petal Chhatra League Arrives Late to Cadre Meeting My news Bangladesh

A journalist named Faisal Ahmed of Dhaka College was beaten up by the Chhatra League and activists of the college branch for being late to attend the discussion meeting in the guest room.This incident happened on Wednesday night.

It is known that Faisal Ahmed, a member of the Dhaka College Journalists Association and Daily Bangladesh and daily campus college correspondent, student of the English department, was reading in the ‘reading room’ at night. At the same time, the leaders and activists of Shahid Farhad Hossain hostel started discussions in the guest room to implement the BCL staff meeting on September 30.

Eyewitnesses said that since he was late to appear, around 12:30 pm, the Chhatra League leader of the hall, Al Amin, grabbed Faisal and started slapping him. Besides, Sajib Ahmed kept beating him with a stick and Ikram kept beating him with a pillow. The journalist’s lip was split and his ear was injured.

While abusing the journalist for doing journalism, the BCL leaders said, What is journalism in the hall? If you want to do journalism, go outside the hall, don’t do the BCL program as a journalist, it will not work.All the attackers are said to be honors fourth year students and Central Chhatra League president group. He was detained for more than two hours.

Chhatra League Faces Backlash Over Control and Violence Allegations at Dhaka College

The students in the hall demand that the control of all the halls of Dhaka College is under the Chhatra League. Administration is just a name there. Room 102 of Farhad Hostel is the name of fear for the residential students. Before this, all the first year students left the hall together due to the violence of the Chhatra League.

When asked about the matter, Khairul Hasu, the senior Chhatra League leader of Farhad Hossain Hall, said that the matter was unexpected. Inquiring about those who were involved. Action will be taken.

Chhatra League leader Jasim Uddin apologized for the whole issue. He also said that those involved will be identified.

Former President of Dhaka College Journalist Association Nazmus Shakib said, ‘When Faisal told me about this incident last night, I ran to the spot. Talked to Hall leaders, seniors of different academic years. He also said that the matter has been informed to the central leaders of the Chhatra League. The leaders of the hall have assured that the four accused will be expelled from the hall today.

Provost Nasir Uddin was called repeatedly but he did not pick up the phone. Dhaka College Principal Abu Yusuf called and he also hung up.

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