Political polarization is dangerous for the judiciary, says Chief Justice

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Every responsible state citizen, including judges, attorneys, and the judiciary, has a responsibility to safeguard the judiciary against social, economic, and political influences, according to the Chief Justice.

To prevent political influence from influencing the judiciary, Chief Justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui recommended.This decision was made by him at a farewell reception held on Thursday, the final working day of his tenure as Bangladesh’s 23rd Chief Justice.

The Chief Justice asserted that the judiciary is responsible for defending citizens’ basic rights at that time. Additionally, it is the guardian of the Constitution.Judges, he argued, ought to be brave and impartial.

According to the Chief Justice, the state and its citizens will undoubtedly suffer if the judiciary fails or departs from the impartial implementation of the law.

He asserted that the construction of social justice, the maintenance of the rule of law, and the growth of true participatory democracy all relied on the independence of the judiciary.

The Chief Justice urged citizens to defend the judiciary from social, economic, and political influence, saying that it is the responsibility of judges, attorneys, and all other responsible state citizens.

Every citizen would have a difficult time if we, all of you, fail to perform that duty, he warned.

He said, “Political differences crossing the street and entering the courts is not fortunate for the judiciary. We must keep in mind that conflicts and differences among attorneys, as well as their responses, have an impact on the legal system.

“We all have a great national responsibility toward the great spirit in which our Constitution was framed,” the Chief Justice declared. We must make sure that the constitutional spirit is reflected in all national laws and court cases. People desire peace, but there is still much to be done to achieve total peace.

On September 25, the Chief Justice will leave the bench. But today was his last day of employment. He received a farewell reception at 10:30 am as is customary. A goodbye celebration was conducted in Courtroom 1 of the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division.

The welcome was given by the Attorney General’s Office on behalf of Supreme Court Bar Association President Mumtaz Uddin Fakir, Secretary Abdun Noor Dulal, and Attorney General AM Amin Uddin.

On this occasion, every judge and attorney from the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division and High Court Division were present.

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