Politics Has Been Decided In two selfies, BNP’s Sleep Is Forbidden: Kader

Politics Has Been Decided In two selfies My News Bangladesh

General Secretary of Awami League and Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader said that the decision of politics has been made in two selfies in the space of a week in the politics of Bangladesh. After two selfies, BNP has lost sleep.

He said this to reporters at the airport after returning from Singapore after treatment on Saturday (September 23).He said that the Awami League government wants to conduct peaceful, free and impartial elections. Those who want free, peaceful, fair elections are not worried about the visa policy. Current government does not care about visa policy.

Quader said, those who do not want election, want to question the election, their movement has reached twelve, now they are looking for issue or joy in everything from despair. BNP is pushing the country into conflict with the electoral system.

He said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has no choice to protect democracy. Awami League wants everyone including BNP to come to the election. But the people will resist everything against the election.

He also said that there will be elections. The people of the country will vote according to the democratic rules of Bangladesh. Whether to send observers here is up to them. Someone will actually help them.

The bridge minister said, Awami League has no shortage of morale, BNP may have. It remains to be seen whether the BNP will die on its own.

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