Poor people send more money to the country: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said, ‘Our people send money back home for their families. On that occasion the government receives remittances. But the remittance is not much. We are seventh in sending remittances. 

Countries with a smaller population than us, Philippines or Mexico, send a lot of remittances, India is the highest in remittances. We are very low in remittances. A big reason for this is that a large number of our expatriates are unskilled. 

Only one and a half percent of our expatriates in the Middle East are skilled. But these poor people send more money to the country. Those who are a little educated, they send less money.’

He said this in the speech of the chief guest at the inauguration of the National Diaspora Day at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center on Saturday afternoon. Alleging that many Bangladeshis living abroad spread fake information against the country, he said, ‘The country has developed due to peace and stability. 

All the countries that do not have peace and stability are in great trouble. Expats often spread false information. In the future, they will come out of them and reveal the good work that is being done in the country. Do good work for the country. So that there is no unrest in the country, so that stability is maintained.

 If there is instability in the country, everyone will suffer.’Momen spoke about the complaints raised at various times about the services of expatriates. He said, ‘The Ministry of External Affairs is often accused of delaying the issuance of passports, the NID is accused of not receiving them. It is alleged that many expatriates have gone abroad and do not have jobs.

 25 percent returned for lack of jobs from the Middle East. But all responsibility is given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.’ Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment Minister Imran Ahmed, Foreign Secretary Masood Bin Momen and Expatriate Welfare Secretary Ahmed Muniruch Salehin spoke at the event.

Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Foreign Minister

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