Prime Minister inaugurated South Asia’s largest fertilizer factory

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated South Asia’s largest eco-friendly Ghorashal-Palash urea fertilizer factory at Palash in Narsingdi.

He inaugurated this factory at 12:45 PM on Sunday (November 12). After the inauguration, Prime Minister released the Fertilizer Factory commemorative postage stamp, inauguration envelope and seal. Earlier, the Prime Minister reached here shortly before 12 noon.

South Asia’s largest eco-friendly Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Plant has already started trial production at Palash in Narsingdi. This energy-efficient and environment-friendly factory will produce 9 lakh 24 thousand tons of urea fertilizer annually. Production will be 2 thousand 800 tons per day. 15 thousand 500 crores have been spent on the implementation of the project.

The project stakeholders said that the construction of the factory started in October 2018. In 2020, when the corona pandemic started around the world, the infrastructure work of the project was interrupted. Later the work started on August 16 of the same year. 

China’s CC Seven and Japan’s contractor company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Limited are responsible for it. Then on April 21, 2022, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone of Ghorashal-Palash Fertilizer Project. Although it was supposed to be completed by December 2023, the construction of the project ended two months ahead of schedule.

This month, the experimental fertilizer production program has started in the factory. The factory will produce 2,800 metric tons per day and an average of 9,24,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer per year.

For the implementation of the project built on 110 acres of land, the Bangladesh government gave a loan of Tk.

Prime Minister

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