Prime Minister’s election misinformation circle

Prime Minister's election misinformation circle

Prime Minister’s election misinformation circle.Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, has made allegations that a group is spreading false information in order to cast doubt on the results of the 12th Parliament election. On the occasion of Bangabandhu’s homecoming day, which was on Wednesday, he voiced his issue at a public assembly of the Awami League that took place at Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital city.

Sheikh Hasina made the following statement at that time: “Those who have never spoken about the illegal election of Ziaur Rahman are the ones who are trying to question the election when a fair election is being held in the country, when the people are able to vote themselves as they see fit.”

According to the Prime Minister, “Bangladesh changing into today’s Bangladesh was a dream of many people.” He said that with the presence of the Awami League, no one is able to impede the advancement of the nation. There were many people who attempted to disrupt the election, but their attempts were unsuccessful. People were prevented from voting via the use of various methods.

Sheikh Hasina further said, “I am surprised that no one addressed the election when the military dictators came to power by rigging the vote.” Sheikh Hasina was referring to the fact that the poll was rigged. In a time when elections meant ten Hondas and twenty criminals, elections were a frigid affair. Following the establishment of democracy and the rights of the people, the next issue that arises is about our elections.

“Bangladesh could not have made any progress apart from the Awami League government coming to power,” the chief of government said. It is impossible for anybody to halt the growth that Bangladesh is making.

A new promise was made by Bangabandhu’s daughter at this time, which was to construct a developed, wealthy, and intelligent gold Bangladesh by the year 2041. “No one can play with the fate of the people of Bangladesh,” he added while addressing the situation. As has been shown once again, the greatest strength is the power that the people of Bangladesh possess.

Prime Minister’s election misinformation circle

Prime Minister’s election misinformation circle Prime Minister’s election misinformation circle

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