Putin’s full support for an independent Palestinian state

Putin's full support for an independent Palestinian state My News Bangladesh

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed full support for an independent Palestinian state.The Russian president expressed his support on Wednesday amid an unprecedented war between Palestine and Israel.

“Russia’s position on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been the same for decades, and this position is well known to both Israel and Palestine,” Putin said.”We have always advocated the implementation of UN Security Council resolutions, including the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state,” the Russian president said.

He criticized Washington’s policy in the Middle East, saying the United States has tried to focus on financial aid instead of finding solutions to fundamental political challenges.”Such actions only increase tensions,” the Russian president said. But now we need to find a way to compromise.”

“It is not clear whether it will be possible to calm down the situation in the near future, but we must strive for it because the expansion of the conflict zone can lead to dire consequences,” Putin said.

Note that an unprecedented war is going on between Israel and Palestine. Fighters of the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance movement Hamas entered Israel early last Saturday morning. So far, Palestine has only taken preventive measures against Israel. The Palestinian Authority attacked Israel for the first time on Saturday. Hamas launched this attack after almost 2 years of preparation and planning after the June 2021 ceasefire.

However, Israel soon launched a counterattack. They have officially declared war on Palestine. In retaliation, the country is bombarding Gaza every now and then. In the meantime, the death toll in Palestine has risen to 1,200. Al Jazeera reported this information citing the Palestinian state Authority.In addition, 5,600 Palestinians were reportedly injured in the Israeli attack.

As of writing the report, Al Jazeera claimed that the number of dead in Israel has already exceeded 1200 in Hamas attacks. More than 3,000 people were injured there as well. Sources: Xinhua , Al Jazeera

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