Gaza war: Rafah crossing closed again on that pretext

Gaza war: Rafah crossing closed again on that pretext

The Rafah crossing between the besieged Palestinian Gaza Strip and Egypt has been closed again. This crossing was closed due to safety reasons.US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedanta Patel said this information in a briefing on Wednesday.

Vedanta Patel said, “The Rafah crossing is closed from today. As we understand, this is due to security reasons.”
He did not give any idea about when this border route can be opened. Even from Egypt, till the writing of the report, no statement or statement has come in this regard.

The border crossing that separates the Gaza Strip from Egypt’s Sinai region is located in the southernmost part of the strip. There are two other border crossings out of Gaza, but they are under Israeli control and open or closed at Israel’s discretion.

About 2.3 million Palestinians live in the 365 km territory of Gaza. More than a third of them are directly dependent on relief and financial assistance from the United Nations and other donor countries and organizations. As the other two borders are almost closed, the Rafah crossing is the only way for aid to enter Gaza. For this reason, this crossing is also known as the ‘life line’ of Gaza Palestinians. Source: Reuters

Rafah crossing

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