Rooppur nuclear power On Track for Timely Completion

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The Rooppur nuclear power plant, much anticipated, is progressing as planned, but there are delays in the completion of the power evacuation infrastructure, pushing back the benefits of the project for the country.

One of the power evacuation projects, set for completion by the end of this year, has achieved 63% physical progress and 47.78% financial progress as of June. However, it’s unlikely to be finished before the middle of the following year. The second project, meant to be completed by mid-2025, is at only 5% physical progress and 7.47% financial progress as of July.

These projects entail the installation of 7 km-long double circuit power lines across the Jamuna River and a 2 km-long single circuit line across the Padma River, with a total cost of Tk 6,056.3 crore.

A top official from the Rooppur nuclear power plant project has expressed that the power evacuation facility needs to be operational for test production to commence. The Rooppur nuclear power plant itself has achieved 60% physical progress and 58% financial progress. The delivery of fresh nuclear fuel is approaching, marking the transition to a nuclear facility, making Bangladesh a member of the nuclear community.

The first unit of the Rooppur nuclear power plant is expected to start commissioning in March of the following year, followed by the second unit a year later.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Project Advances Amidst Evacuation Infrastructure Delays

Another notable project, the Maitree Super Thermal Power Plant, valued at Tk 16,000 crore, is facing operational delays due to insufficient transmission facilities and river dredging. While one unit of the plant is in operation, it hasn’t reached maximum production capacity due to these limitations.

Despite these setbacks, the Padma Bridge Rail Link Project, a Tk 39,246 crore endeavor, exceeded expectations by opening for vehicular movement ahead of schedule. The physical progress for this project is at 81%, with 75.5% financial progress. Similarly, the Payra deep seaport project has achieved 90% physical progress and 86% financial progress.

The Dhaka Metro Rail project, or Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project Line 6, is also making strides, with physical progress of 78% and financial progress of 68%. This metro line is set to operate from Uttara to Agargaon, with further extensions planned.

Another significant project, the Moheskhali-Matarbari Integrated Infrastructure Development project, involving a 1,200 MW power plant, has achieved 77.70% physical progress and 64.91% financial progress. The Matarbari port and power plant are making substantial progress, and with the completion of the power evacuation line, the power plant aims to begin electricity production in December.

The article concludes that the total cost of the eight projects is Tk 308,676 crore, with 67% of the funds expended as of July.

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