Rooppur’s first uranium shipment in the country

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The first uranium shipment of fuel from Rooppur, the country’s first nuclear power plant, has arrived in the country. The project director of the nuclear power plant. Md. Shaukat Akbar confirmed this.

Shaukat said, ‘The first consignment of fresh nuclear fuel or uranium shipment for the first unit of Rooppur nuclear power plant has successfully reached the country.’

The nuclear fuel imported from Russia reached Dhaka in the afternoon in a special aircraft through tight security. It will be taken by road to Rooppur Nuclear Power Project. Officials expect Russia to hand over the fuel to Bangladesh through formalities in the first week of next month.

The Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) fuel will arrive in the country this month, the Director General (DG) of the manufacturing company Rosatom, Alexei Likhachev, had already informed. He gave this information in a courtesy meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina last July.

The country’s first uranium shipment nuclear power plant is being built at Rooppur in Pabna with the help of Russia. The cost of its construction is estimated at 12.65 billion dollars. When it is built, 2,400 MW of electricity will be available from its two units.90% of the project is financed by Russian loans. The government is providing 10 percent.

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