Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight

Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight

Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight.As a consequence of the violence that surrounded the election in Savar, there was a confrontation between the supporters of the independent candidate and the supporters of the Awami League candidate. At least eleven individuals were hurt on both sides of the conflict.

On Wednesday evening, at around nine o’clock, the event occurred in the Katlapur neighborhood of Ward No. 6 of the municipality. Following that, the wounded were sent to the Savar Upazila Health Complex for treatment.

Advocates of Talukdar Mohammad Tauhid Jang Murad, the independent candidate with the eagle emblem who was ultimately unsuccessful, are among those who have sustained injuries. Heart, emerald, and the ocean respectively. In addition to this, Farhad Hossain, the general secretary of Ward No. 6 of the Awami League, Sifat, Saimon, Sagar, and Savar emerged as the unsuccessful candidate for the boat symbol. Iqbal Hossain, a supporter of Awami Dr. Enamur Rahman, was the candidate who supported the boat symbol. The remainder have not been recognized as of yet.

According to Deputy Inspector (SI) Moniruzzan of the Savar Model Police Station, the police paid a visit to the location described. A number of individuals from both sides sustained injuries and are now receiving medical care at the hospital. Additional legal action will be taken in response to the complaints that were filed by the victims.

Victimized On the day of the election, when the results of the Katlapur center were revealed, Farhad Hossain said that the Eagle candidate received a few more votes than the boat candidate. Following the triumph in that ward, the workers who supported the boat were assaulted by the followers of the Eagle, who were opposed to the boat.

It was on that day when they murdered the boat crew. Katlapur became more tense as a result of the tragedy. Following the incident’s subsequent reporting to the police station, the officer in charge (OC) delegated the responsibility of settling the dispute to Sub-Inspector (SI) Russell. Later on, the responsibility of settlement was delegated to the local Halim by the Special Inspector Russell.

On Wednesday, supporters of the boat symbol went to Halim’s office in an attempt to resolve the dispute, and there was a violent altercation that ensued. At one point, the backers of the Eagles attacked him with weapons that they had constructed themselves. There were eight people who were hurt as a result of the assault on the boat.

According to Hridoy, who is a fan of the Eagle, six individuals from the boat opened fire on us as we were riding motorbikes. Their assault was motivated by the fact that we were supporters of Talukdar Mohammad Tauhid Jang Murad, who was running for the position of the eagle emblem.

Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight

Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight Savar Boats and Eagles fans fight

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