Seeing The Jubo League, Even The Devil Runs Away In Fear: Maya

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Bangladesh Awami League presidium member Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya Bir Bikram said, who are the terrorists of BNP-Jamaat afraid of? Do they have no sense? Jubo League is enough to deal with BNP-Jamaat terrorists. When you see the Jubo League, the devil runs away in fear, and devils like you show one round of fear.

He said these things while speaking as the chief guest at a discussion meeting on the occasion of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s 77th birthday organized by Farmgate Krishibid Institution Bangladesh Awami Jubo League on Friday (September 29).

He said, the killers of ’75 and the killers of August 21 are all the same. Ziaur Rahman has queued 21 times in the army. This group is a group of murderers. Ziaur Rahman is the main planner of the killing of Bangabandhu and 4 national leaders in jail.

He said, murder, coup, conspiracy are the main goals of BNP-Jamaat. They know they cannot come to power through voting. They do not believe in voting and democracy. To save the country, Sheikh Hasina has to come to power again.

Jubo League Chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash presided over as the guest of honor Bangladesh Awami League Joint General Secretary AFM Bahauddin Nashim. Jubo League General Secretary Alhaj Md. Dhaka University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil was the special guest. ASM Maqsood Kamal.

Jubo League Chairman Sheikh Fazle Shams Parash said in the president’s speech, “If Sheikh Hasina was not born, we would not have got democracy, social justice, economic freedom, right to vote and rice, we would not have got a dignified country and war criminals would not have been tried.” We now proudly say that about 40 billion rupees are allocated in the budget for freedom fighters in this country. Bangabandhu dreamed that the Bengali nation would stand tall on the face of the earth. And that dream has been realized by our leader, Sheikh Hasina. He has made Bangladesh a prestigious seat. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’s dream of Sonar Bangla is now not just a pipe dream, but a reality. Because of her skills, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is not only a national leader today, but she has emerged as a shrewd statesman of the third world today. Secularism,

In the speech of the honorable guest, Bangladesh Awami League Joint General Secretary AFM Bahauddin Nashim said that under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh has become a role model for the world today. Sheikh Hasina gave the initiation on how to realize human rights.

In the speech of the special guest, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University. ASM Maqsood Kamal said, the symbol of the hopes and aspirations of the people of Bangladesh, who made the dignity of Bangladesh well-known at the international level, wished the honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the shaper of modern Bangladesh, on her 77th birthday.

He said to the Jubo League, if the Awami League’s developmental work and information can be presented in front of this election, then a big change can be brought about in the psyche of the people. Along with slogans and revolutionary changes, informational rhetoric will be our tool of the future.

Zakir Hossain Babul, Acting President of Dhaka Metropolitan Jubo League North, Main Uddin Rana, Acting President of South, General Secretary of North Md. Ismail Hossain, Acting General Secretary South HM Rezaul Karim Reza.

Jubo League presidium member Dr. was also present. Khaled Shawkat Ali, Md. Enamul Haque Khan, Md. Moazzem Hossain, Engineer Mrinal Kanti Joddar, Tajuddin Ahmed, Md. Jasim Matubbar, Joint-General Secretary Subrata Pal, Md. Rafiqul Alam Zoardar Saikat, organizing secretary. Saifur Rahman Sohag, Md. Zahir Uddin Khosru, Moshiur Rahman Chapal, Professor Dr. Md. Rezaul Kabir, Publicity Secretary Jaydev Nandi, Office Secretary Md. Mostafizur Rahman Masud along with the leaders of the central metropolis and various wards Jubo League.

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