Sergeant Assaulted, Mother and Daughter Arrested

Sergeant Assaulted, Mother and Daughter Arrested

Two women named Tasfia Islam (22) and Dilara Akhter (50) have been arrested by the police on charges of assaulting a woman traffic sergeant in the Shia Mosque area of ​​Mohammadpur in the capital. Mother and daughter about them.

Hasina Khatun, the woman traffic sergeant in charge of the area, filed a case at the Mohammadpur police station. Both of them have been sent to court.Sergeant Hasina Khatun complained to the journalists and said, ‘Yesterday, Tuesday at 5:30 am, two private cars parked on Taj Mahal Road were booked. After some time, the owner of the car (Dhaka Metro-G-42-1301) asked to know the reason for filing the case against the dealer Akhtar. I explained the matter by showing him the video of Rang parking from the body worn camera. At this time he started abusing me in unspeakable language and left.’

Hasina Khatun said, ‘After a while, her daughter Tasfia Islam asked me to watch the video. I also show him the video and explain. But they continued to abuse me in unspeakable language and both mother and daughter kept killing, punching and slapping me. They threw my walkie talkie and body worn camera on the street. Later two constables on duty came with me and tried to calm them down and attacked them.’

This traffic sergeant also said, ‘Later the police came to the scene. Mother and daughter also ride on them. At one point, both of them were arrested and taken away by the Mohammadpur police station. Later I filed a case against Tasfia Islam and her mother Dilara Akhter in Mohammadpur police station.’

When asked about this, Mohammadpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Md. Mahfuzul Haque Bhuya said, ‘The incident that happened is very sad. They can’t lay hands on an on-duty police officer like this.

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