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Shakib Al Hasan has genuinely gone ‘global’ after traveling to play in the Global T20 League in Canada! The premier all-arounder for Bangladesh is constantly traveling.

He left Canada’s league in the middle of the season to play in Sri Lanka’s Lankan Premier League (LPL). Even after finishing LPL, he didn’t go back home. After that, I traveled to Dubai to build a gold store. He arrived from Dubai yesterday, but he did not join the Bangladesh team as they trained in Mirpur for the Asia Cup.

Helicopter travel to Barisal this morning. participated in a blood donation and free medicine distribution program run by a hospital there. Later that day, he made his way back to Dhaka. And in the late afternoon, I traveled to Rampura in the capital as a company guest.

Shakib Balances Business and Cricket Duties

It is known that Shakib is preoccupied with business obligations back home. Shakib was questioned by reporters at Rampura about his demanding work schedule. As a professional cricketer, you have to handle them, the Bangladesh captain stated. due to the limited amount of time. In this limited amount of time, one must figure out how to handle everything. But I feel happy about this engagement.”

It’s time for the Asia Cup. before the World Cup, a home ODI series against New Zealand. After the World Cup, the Kiwis will play in a test series. Before the tour is through, the Bangladeshi squad will make a return trip to New Zealand. Overall, the remainder of the year should center on the sport.

As we have a number of huge tournaments and series ahead of us, Shakib believes it is crucial to be as healthy as possible. The most essential thing right now is staying fit. You are more likely to get hurt the more games you play.

The experience with the Global T20 and LPL, according to Shakib, “was quite good.” For us, the Lankan Premier League was quite significant. because we have an Asia Cup encounter versus Sri Lanka. I played with all of them, which gave me a sense of the field and their players. From that perspective, it’s good.

Family relatives of Shakib reside in the US. He visits his wife and kids whenever he has a chance. Aside from that, he spends the most of the year abroad because of his travels for the national team tour and for several franchise leagues that take him across the world. Due to his extended absence, the 36-year-old all-rounder feels connected to the nation.

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